Finding new markets, maintaining our customers’ complete trust and guaranteeing our performance are essential to ensure the company’s future. To achieve this, JEFMAG relies on a Quality System based on ISO 9001 models for general management, and on EN 15085 and ISO 3834 for the management of welding in the rail sector.

This is a strategic choice rooted in the idea that improving our internal performance will result in a productive organisation that contributes to our clients’ satisfaction. In this organisation, it is sometimes necessary to reconsider our habits and work according to a process-oriented operating system. This implies:

A simple organisation with few hierarchies and clearly defined responsibilities in terms of function, direction and project leading;

A description of the processes needed to successfully meet the client’s requirements with directors placed in charge of following up on their performance;

The introduction of indicators and objectives designed to measure the efficiency of the processes and the clients’ satisfaction;

Maintaining a project-oriented culture alongside a product-oriented culture in order to increase our internal performance;

Continually encouraging improvement at all company levels on QCDHS (Quality, Cost, Delivery Time, Health, and Safety) projects by the deployment of our TOPTECH project;

Being on site in Romania in order to complement our offer to our customers.